We provide full service for product registration in Vietnam including:

  • Develop regulatory strategies to effectively meet clients short-term and long-term product development needs.
  • Submit and follow up with local authorities.
  • Protect client’s brand.

Pharmaceutical Product

Pharmaceutical registration is one of the most difficult procedures which takes long time (about 1-2 years) and requests closed follow-up from the beginning. We provide the full service to support this registration from the initial advisory for preparation of application documents, including the pre-review of professionals for the experiments

if requested. We also provide the advisory service in case you just need the information of related regulations.

Food Supplementary Product

The registration of food supplementary products is not difficult comparing with that of pharmaceutical products but also takes about 2-3 months. The difference in understanding about certificates (i.e CFS, etc) of foreign countries is often the big matter during this registration. With many experiences dealing with such requests from authorities in many projects for many products from many countries, our team are confident to support you to prepare appropriate documents to explain and persuade the authorities in the most effective way.

Cosmetic Product

The most difficult point of cosmetic registration is how to be accepted with the indications in the label as closed as expected. Many customers could not persuade the authorities about the wording of indications, and this may lead to a waste of time for the discussion. Our professional consultants will advise you with their strong experiences, support you to prepare the application documents from the beginning, and negotiate with the authorities effectively.

Medical Product

How to correctly classify medical product is one of the most important matters to make this registration successful. With our various experiences in this field, we will provide the full service for this registration, from the classification until the submission and negotiation with the authorities.